MyCorporation Review: Why Incorporate a Business Online With MyCorporation?

MyCorporation makes it easy to incorporate online! They make forming a corporation or becoming a limited liability corporation (LLC) easy, but they also make maintaining your new corporation or LLC easy.

They have a very insightful website dedicated to helping business owners understand the differences between all of the business models and decide whether incorporation is right for them.

About Incorporating with MyCorporation

Once you know all the benefits to incorporating and decide on the type of incorporation you would like to enter, getting started is as simple as filling out their application. You will get more familiar with their services and prices later on in this MyCorporation review.

Depending on the nature of your business and the state in which you are filing for incorporation, the process and expenses will vary. There is no one-size-fits all formula for becoming a corporation, and MyCorporation understands that. As you go through their application process they will tell you exactly what is required for the corporation you want to form and what the expenses and wait times may be for the state in which you want to file.

If you decide to go the way of the corporation, there are quite a few benefits I you decide to incorporate online with MyCorporation:

  • They are backed by exerts at Inuit and have been in operation for almost 10 years, so you can have confidence that they know what they are doing and will handle everything with competence and care.
  • They have helped well over 120,000 businesses become corporations.
  • They check in with you as needed by phone and email, so you are always up-to-date on what is happening with your application.
  • You can reach a real customer service representative at any time, so you are never on your own if something goes wrong or you have a concern.
  • They can handle all aspects of caring for your business, from making the decision to file for incorporation and successfully filing to maintaining your business and registering your trademarks and servicemarks in the future.

What I want you to take away from my MyCorporation review is that this service goes to a lot of lengths to make you feel comfortable working with them. They are not a new start up business and have experts backing their service. They are very easy to reach when you have a concern or just want an update on your status, and they handle all aspects of the filing process so you don’t have to absorb the headaches that may come along the way.

They don’t just hold your hand…they take over so you can focus on your own business!

One of the biggest benefits of deciding to incorporate online with MyCorporation is the ability to keep using the same service to maintain your corporation. You will be required to put in regular filings with your state at certain periods of time and MyCorporation can do all of that for you as well. They can even help you with trademarks or service marks to protect your corporation.

They even have an ongoing service that will look out for others using your trademarks so you know when an infringement has been made! Imagine how much time that would save you and how much money it could bring into your pocket…money you may have never otherwise known about!

The Catch

Isn’t there always a catch when you find an unbelievable service? The only catch I found to report in this MyCorporation review is that the amount of service you receive correlates to the package that you purchase. For instance, the basic package is very cheap but limits the access you have to their customer service department. If you spring for the higher priced packages you get a lot more in terms of customer care and personal attention.

If you want to incorporate online but don’t like the idea of starting the process and handing over critical details of your business through the Internet, MyCorporation does allow you to call them through their toll free number to place your order. You will work with a real human being.

In fact, some people may only be able to get started on the phone if they don’t have a browser compatible with the MyCorportion checkout system. They do not support Google Chrome or Safari, but they do offer a direct link to download Firefox free if you choose. The phone number is listed there as well if you prefer to get started that way.

What Will It Cost You?

No MyCorporation review would be complete without revealing the fees involved. With all the convenience offered by the service, you know they have to make money for their business as well. There are four different package options, so you can at least control your cost if necessary.

The cost is just for the basic filing services. You will need to add in the filing fees for your state plus shipping and handling as well as the publication fee, all which will be determined based on the state you are filing in. There are some additional services you can add onto each package, which is a way to customize your order and get the best price possible.

NOTE: MyCorporation often has sales on their pricing! Also, pricing may change at any time. The following are the regular prices as of the time this MyCorporation review was published.

The Basic Package: $149

  • Limited access to customer service representatives
  • Name availability search
  • Articles of organization
  • Newsletter subscription

The Standard Package: $336

  • Everything listed under the Basic Package
  • Operating agreement
  • Member transfer ledger
  • CD with compliance tips
  • Member certificates
  • Annual report service

The Deluxe Package: $554

  • Everything listed under the Basic and Standard Packages
  • NOLO LLC Handbook
  • Registered agent services

The Premium Package: $884

  • Everything listed under all other packages
  • MaintainMyBiz services

The Freebies!

There are some special bonuses that come with all packages except the Basic Package right now (as of the time this article was published. These offers may change):

  • QuickBooks Simple Start Free Edition
  • Free domain name
  • Free logo design
  • Free online bookkeeping
  • Free credit card processing
  • Free web-based CRM solution for small business

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