Heal Your Past and Create A Stronger You In The Present

The goal about moving forward in our lives is about freeing up ourselves so that we can begin to live in a healthy present and becoming strong enough to create the future that we desire. That means healing our past and closing the chapter fully on it so that it doesn’t crash the present and future life that we are creating. In order to do this we cannot allow anyone to use our past to hold us hostage. If others cannot get on board with the new you then you need to remove yourself from those people.

Your life cannot move forward if you are constantly being dragged back down to a level you are no longer living your life from. You are growing so the way you use to be you are no longer that person. The things that were once a dramatic production in your life no longer holds any interest for you. You are no longer drawn to the things that made you miserable, unhappy, unfulfilled and feeling dis-contented. You are now more interested in creating and living a better present and creating a better future for yourself.

Many individuals are so focused on the future that they don’t realize that it’s the present that dictates how you move into the future. So if you are not living a strong, happy and fulfilling present then your future will always be something you are looking forward to. It will never come because our present is not healthy, happy and fulfilling. However, in order to create such a present we need to have the strength to heal and close the book on our past. It is the past that is derailing our present thus creating the feeling that we are stuck. We can’t just relegate the past to the past without healing the pain from the past. Otherwise, the past will continue to cause our present to be just one big open wound. A wound that we keep on putting a band aid on but not really going within to heal that wound. So if something painful is still affecting us in our present then chances are it is unhealed past wounds that is paralyzing our present state of existence. Once we can heal old wounds then we will start feeling our present being freed up opening us up to new and wondrous things.

We create a when/then existence when we look to the future for things to happen better. The future hasn’t yet happened so we cannot expect things to happen in our future if our present life is not reflecting the life which we desire. Work on creating a fulfilling life now, not when the future happens, then you will do whatever you think you should do. The time is now, the opportunity is now to create the life we desire to live. We have got to start making our lives now. We have got to heal what is holding us hostage, holding our lives back and then release it. The time is now to decide that we desire a better existence and the time is now to start creating that existence.

Of course it will take time to create and incorporate a new way of living. Be patient with yourself as you go through this transformation. Not everyone one is going to support the new you. They will do everything to try and drag you back down to where you weren’t happy and feeling fulfilled. Your growing and moving forward may make them uncomfortable. That is apart of your growth. Keep your focus and your vision in front of you.

If working through your pain is overwhelming you, know that there is no shame in speaking with a qualified Professional. Don’t try to handle things on your own and don’t bottle up your pain. You are not weak if you seek help and you are not weak if you feel the need to cry. Crying is pain leaving the body. You are Human and you are flesh and blood so it is OK to have and feel your feelings. In order to fully heal your life you have got to be willing to go beneath the surface to see where your pain is coming from. By recognizing where our issues are coming from will help us to dig up the root of the problem instead of simply medicating the symptoms of the problem.

It takes strength to go within to dig up all the stuck on pain from our childhood and heal those pains. It is not for the faint-hearted. Once we go within and spend some quality time with our inner child, comfort her/him, give her/him a loving hug and her/him know that the adult you is there for her/him then we can begin to face our life with renewed strength and love. We will begin to feel so free and our inner selves will no longer be a hostage to our old pain. It is such a refreshing feeling to face our life with a new outlook, a fresh, clean and rejuvenated sense of Self. Life in our Present will begin to feel so cleansed and free. Therefore, the more we go within ourselves and heal our past and all the pain associated with it then the more we can continuously free up ourselves to live life in freedom, passion and power.

Healing our past will give our present so much strength that we can live life on our terms. Closing the book on our past means that we are no longer living our lives from a position of pain. However, our Past is an indicator of how far we have come in our growth, healing and development. Yes, the Past is a marker or a gauge to who we were and whom we have become. Use the Past to infuse your Present with strength and motivation.

When you can look back at what you have gone through and compare it to where you are now in your life and your growth process, you will see how much stronger you have become and how your Past has contributed to the person you are today. Your Past has molded you into the strong human being you are today. Look into the mirror and give yourself a huge big hug. You have made it through the darkness and you are all the more stronger for it. You are now ready to move forward. Congratulations and Mazel tov.:)


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