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8 Easy Steps in How to Take the Stress Out of Giving a Presentation in English

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Giving a presentation in English, if it is not your first language, can be the most stressful thing you will have to do at work. As English tutors we see this all the time and we give the following advice to our students:

1. Check your English

If you are using written text on slides check the English very carefully and ask a native speaker to proofread it for you. You will give a poor impression if there are spelling mistakes. Have a native speaker check your spoken language notes and be prepared to communicate clearly, not worrying too much about linguistic errors, when you have to answer questions.

2. Know your material:

Knowing your material thoroughly will help you decide what information is essential to your presentation and what can be left out. It will help your presentation to flow naturally.

3. Don’t Memorize:

This is, after all, a presentation, not a recital. Every presentation needs two major components — life and energy. Recite from memory and your presentation will be lacking both of these factors. Not only will you lose your audience, but you will find it difficult to adapt to unexpected events that may throw you off your mental script.

4. Rehearse Your Presentation:

Rehearse your presentation out loud, accompanied by the slide show if you have one. If possible, get someone to listen while you rehearse. Have the person sit at the back of the room so you can practise speaking loudly and clearly and ask them for honest feedback. Repeat this as many times as you need.

5. Pace Yourself:

As part of your practice, learn to pace your presentation. Generally, you should spend about one minute per slide. If there are time constraints, make sure that the presentation will finish on time. During your delivery, be ready to adjust your pace if necessary.

6. Know the Room:

Be familiar with the place in which you will speak. Arrive ahead of time, walk around the speaking area, and sit in the seats. Seeing the setup from your audience’s perspective will help you decide where to stand, what direction to face, and how loudly you will need to speak.

7. Know the Equipment:

If you are using a microphone, make sure it works. The same goes for the projector. If it’s your projector, carry a spare bulb. Make sure you have a back up copy on a USB pen or if all technology fails… you can work from your notes!

8. Do Not Speak to Your Slides:

Position the laptop so you can see the monitor and face the audience so you do not have to keep turning round to the screen. Make eye contact with your audience and use a remote to change the slides so you can move away from the laptop but don’t feel you have to walk around the room all the time – it will only distract your audience. Remember you are the focal point of the presentation.

Remember: Speak slowly, address the audience, smile and enjoy!

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MyCorporation Review: Why Incorporate a Business Online With MyCorporation?

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MyCorporation makes it easy to incorporate online! They make forming a corporation or becoming a limited liability corporation (LLC) easy, but they also make maintaining your new corporation or LLC easy.

They have a very insightful website dedicated to helping business owners understand the differences between all of the business models and decide whether incorporation is right for them.

About Incorporating with MyCorporation

Once you know all the benefits to incorporating and decide on the type of incorporation you would like to enter, getting started is as simple as filling out their application. You will get more familiar with their services and prices later on in this MyCorporation review.

Depending on the nature of your business and the state in which you are filing for incorporation, the process and expenses will vary. There is no one-size-fits all formula for becoming a corporation, and MyCorporation understands that. As you go through their application process they will tell you exactly what is required for the corporation you want to form and what the expenses and wait times may be for the state in which you want to file.

If you decide to go the way of the corporation, there are quite a few benefits I you decide to incorporate online with MyCorporation:

  • They are backed by exerts at Inuit and have been in operation for almost 10 years, so you can have confidence that they know what they are doing and will handle everything with competence and care.
  • They have helped well over 120,000 businesses become corporations.
  • They check in with you as needed by phone and email, so you are always up-to-date on what is happening with your application.
  • You can reach a real customer service representative at any time, so you are never on your own if something goes wrong or you have a concern.
  • They can handle all aspects of caring for your business, from making the decision to file for incorporation and successfully filing to maintaining your business and registering your trademarks and servicemarks in the future.

What I want you to take away from my MyCorporation review is that this service goes to a lot of lengths to make you feel comfortable working with them. They are not a new start up business and have experts backing their service. They are very easy to reach when you have a concern or just want an update on your status, and they handle all aspects of the filing process so you don’t have to absorb the headaches that may come along the way.

They don’t just hold your hand…they take over so you can focus on your own business!

One of the biggest benefits of deciding to incorporate online with MyCorporation is the ability to keep using the same service to maintain your corporation. You will be required to put in regular filings with your state at certain periods of time and MyCorporation can do all of that for you as well. They can even help you with trademarks or service marks to protect your corporation.

They even have an ongoing service that will look out for others using your trademarks so you know when an infringement has been made! Imagine how much time that would save you and how much money it could bring into your pocket…money you may have never otherwise known about!

The Catch

Isn’t there always a catch when you find an unbelievable service? The only catch I found to report in this MyCorporation review is that the amount of service you receive correlates to the package that you purchase. For instance, the basic package is very cheap but limits the access you have to their customer service department. If you spring for the higher priced packages you get a lot more in terms of customer care and personal attention.

If you want to incorporate online but don’t like the idea of starting the process and handing over critical details of your business through the Internet, MyCorporation does allow you to call them through their toll free number to place your order. You will work with a real human being.

In fact, some people may only be able to get started on the phone if they don’t have a browser compatible with the MyCorportion checkout system. They do not support Google Chrome or Safari, but they do offer a direct link to download Firefox free if you choose. The phone number is listed there as well if you prefer to get started that way.

What Will It Cost You?

No MyCorporation review would be complete without revealing the fees involved. With all the convenience offered by the service, you know they have to make money for their business as well. There are four different package options, so you can at least control your cost if necessary.

The cost is just for the basic filing services. You will need to add in the filing fees for your state plus shipping and handling as well as the publication fee, all which will be determined based on the state you are filing in. There are some additional services you can add onto each package, which is a way to customize your order and get the best price possible.

NOTE: MyCorporation often has sales on their pricing! Also, pricing may change at any time. The following are the regular prices as of the time this MyCorporation review was published.

The Basic Package: $149

  • Limited access to customer service representatives
  • Name availability search
  • Articles of organization
  • Newsletter subscription

The Standard Package: $336

  • Everything listed under the Basic Package
  • Operating agreement
  • Member transfer ledger
  • CD with compliance tips
  • Member certificates
  • Annual report service

The Deluxe Package: $554

  • Everything listed under the Basic and Standard Packages
  • NOLO LLC Handbook
  • Registered agent services

The Premium Package: $884

  • Everything listed under all other packages
  • MaintainMyBiz services

The Freebies!

There are some special bonuses that come with all packages except the Basic Package right now (as of the time this article was published. These offers may change):

  • QuickBooks Simple Start Free Edition
  • Free domain name
  • Free logo design
  • Free online bookkeeping
  • Free credit card processing
  • Free web-based CRM solution for small business

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Selling Business Online

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Generally, when people talk about online businesses, it refers to buying and investing in one. On the other side of the equation, selling an online business is a big part of e-commerce. For a seller looking to get out of their business, it is important they reach a large audience as well as targeting certain buyers specifically. Taking the right steps in this process is essential to successfully selling their business online. Here are the steps:

1. Always advertise in the right places instead of just announcing that it is for sale. Find the locations where prospective interested buyers are expected to visit, and target advertising for that area. There are a lot of places where sellers and relevant buyers can connect and interact.

2. Provide good details now. It is better to have as much information for buyers to look at that answers their questions before they come and ask you. Think ahead and be specific. Explain the nature of the business, the number of employees on the payroll, the earning potential and growth rate among others.

3. Make the information concise, yet appealing. Get straight to the point and have that information readily available and easy to read.

4. Stay anonymous to keep unsavory characters from exploiting you. Your advertising will be accessible all sorts of people, especially employees, customers and suppliers. Avoid the drama all together and don’t list the specific information regarding the business being sold.

5. Explain in simple detail the reasons the business is being sold. Giving explanations upfront will ease concerns buyers may have as they investigate what you are offering.

6. Respond quickly and professionally when people inquire about your business. Taking too long to get back to people can turn off the buyer and force them to look at other opportunities out there.

7. Offer an asking price right off the bat. This will weed out buyers and leave you with potential candidates who already know what you are looking to sell the business for. This saves a lot of time from pursuing tons of dead ends.

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The Next Generation of Presentations

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Business people who give presentations regularly pretty much have to be well versed in PowerPoint. This software has been the “go to” program for a long time now. So long, in fact, that it’s pretty stale for most of us. It’s not that PowerPoint is a bad product, it’s just that if you want to put together a glitz and glamour kind of presentation, you’re not going to be able to do it with PowerPoint. PowerPoint’s capabilities were cutting edge a few years ago, but now most of us have the “been there, done that” feeling about it.

Today’s presentations are full of motion graphics that make them look more like movies than slide shows. The products offer far more features and allow presenters to use lots of special effects; again, much like movies. Rather than being slides to simply keep the presenter on point in his presentation, these graphics tell the story for the presenter, often in great detail. Presentations are now the star of the show, rather than being a tool used to help the audience and the presenter stay together. You could pull somebody in off the street and they could give a great presentation if you use the right tools to create it.

In case you’re unfamiliar, motion graphics combine photographs, video footage and animated graphics to create presentations. Because of the flexibility of motion graphics to use several different mediums as presentation material, you can create your presentations quickly, often with media already on hand. In other words, you can use simple things but your end result will have lots of wow factor.

Check out the many websites that can help you create your own presentations using your media as well as their downloadable motion graphics files. Or, if you’d prefer, there are plenty of companies out there who can create high powered presentations for you, using a combination of your media and theirs. Because the technology is so new, there are lots of freelancers out there who can take your old PowerPoint slides and turn them into a slick, smart presentation, filled with the latest motion graphics art.

If you’re a regular presenter, motion graphics have to be part of your repertoire. Anything less in today’s world, and you and your PowerPoint slides just look like a big old dinosaur.

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Discover the Importance of Building Your Own List When it Comes to Running a Business Online

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When it comes to ruining a business online it is going to be very important for you to build your own list in order to be successful. How do you build your own list? I will be revealing the specific tools that you will need in order to get started and the step by step method that you must follow to make this happen.

Here are the tools that you need to build your own list:

Tool #1 An Autoresponder

This is a very powerful communication tool that will allow you to stay in contact with people who are interested in knowing more about you and your business opportunity.

Tool #2 A Captivating Lead Capture Page

This is the page that will captivate people to become part of your list and of course join your business opportunity.

Now that you have the tools, here is how to build your own list step by step:

Step #1 Create Powerful Relationship Building Emails For Your Autoresponder

The emails that you create will be very important because it is up to this emails to get prospects to sign up for your business. So make sure you dedicate time to writing them giving the prospects good entertaining emails with valuable information. At the same time do not forget to always bring up your business because remember they were interested in signing up in the first place.

Step #2 Master The Method Of Article Marketing To Promote Your Business

Article marketing is a very powerful method of promotion that will help you promote your business effectively to the right kind of people. It is very important that you promote to your target market and this is exactly what you will be doing by utilizing article marketing.

Step #3 Contact Communication With Prospects And Massive Action

Always make sure to stay in contact with prospects to get them to sign up with you in your business. At the same time always take massive and consistent action recruiting new people into the business by continuing to promote effectively using article marketing.

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Heal Your Past and Create A Stronger You In The Present

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The goal about moving forward in our lives is about freeing up ourselves so that we can begin to live in a healthy present and becoming strong enough to create the future that we desire. That means healing our past and closing the chapter fully on it so that it doesn’t crash the present and future life that we are creating. In order to do this we cannot allow anyone to use our past to hold us hostage. If others cannot get on board with the new you then you need to remove yourself from those people.

Your life cannot move forward if you are constantly being dragged back down to a level you are no longer living your life from. You are growing so the way you use to be you are no longer that person. The things that were once a dramatic production in your life no longer holds any interest for you. You are no longer drawn to the things that made you miserable, unhappy, unfulfilled and feeling dis-contented. You are now more interested in creating and living a better present and creating a better future for yourself.

Many individuals are so focused on the future that they don’t realize that it’s the present that dictates how you move into the future. So if you are not living a strong, happy and fulfilling present then your future will always be something you are looking forward to. It will never come because our present is not healthy, happy and fulfilling. However, in order to create such a present we need to have the strength to heal and close the book on our past. It is the past that is derailing our present thus creating the feeling that we are stuck. We can’t just relegate the past to the past without healing the pain from the past. Otherwise, the past will continue to cause our present to be just one big open wound. A wound that we keep on putting a band aid on but not really going within to heal that wound. So if something painful is still affecting us in our present then chances are it is unhealed past wounds that is paralyzing our present state of existence. Once we can heal old wounds then we will start feeling our present being freed up opening us up to new and wondrous things.

We create a when/then existence when we look to the future for things to happen better. The future hasn’t yet happened so we cannot expect things to happen in our future if our present life is not reflecting the life which we desire. Work on creating a fulfilling life now, not when the future happens, then you will do whatever you think you should do. The time is now, the opportunity is now to create the life we desire to live. We have got to start making our lives now. We have got to heal what is holding us hostage, holding our lives back and then release it. The time is now to decide that we desire a better existence and the time is now to start creating that existence.

Of course it will take time to create and incorporate a new way of living. Be patient with yourself as you go through this transformation. Not everyone one is going to support the new you. They will do everything to try and drag you back down to where you weren’t happy and feeling fulfilled. Your growing and moving forward may make them uncomfortable. That is apart of your growth. Keep your focus and your vision in front of you.

If working through your pain is overwhelming you, know that there is no shame in speaking with a qualified Professional. Don’t try to handle things on your own and don’t bottle up your pain. You are not weak if you seek help and you are not weak if you feel the need to cry. Crying is pain leaving the body. You are Human and you are flesh and blood so it is OK to have and feel your feelings. In order to fully heal your life you have got to be willing to go beneath the surface to see where your pain is coming from. By recognizing where our issues are coming from will help us to dig up the root of the problem instead of simply medicating the symptoms of the problem.

It takes strength to go within to dig up all the stuck on pain from our childhood and heal those pains. It is not for the faint-hearted. Once we go within and spend some quality time with our inner child, comfort her/him, give her/him a loving hug and her/him know that the adult you is there for her/him then we can begin to face our life with renewed strength and love. We will begin to feel so free and our inner selves will no longer be a hostage to our old pain. It is such a refreshing feeling to face our life with a new outlook, a fresh, clean and rejuvenated sense of Self. Life in our Present will begin to feel so cleansed and free. Therefore, the more we go within ourselves and heal our past and all the pain associated with it then the more we can continuously free up ourselves to live life in freedom, passion and power.

Healing our past will give our present so much strength that we can live life on our terms. Closing the book on our past means that we are no longer living our lives from a position of pain. However, our Past is an indicator of how far we have come in our growth, healing and development. Yes, the Past is a marker or a gauge to who we were and whom we have become. Use the Past to infuse your Present with strength and motivation.

When you can look back at what you have gone through and compare it to where you are now in your life and your growth process, you will see how much stronger you have become and how your Past has contributed to the person you are today. Your Past has molded you into the strong human being you are today. Look into the mirror and give yourself a huge big hug. You have made it through the darkness and you are all the more stronger for it. You are now ready to move forward. Congratulations and Mazel tov.:)


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Budgeting Your Business Online, What You Need to Know

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When it comes to budgeting your business online two things comes into play. You will either have time to run your business or you will have money. Most new business owners are getting in to this market to generate great income so these new owners are looking for free to low cost marketing methods. You will have to know which methods are going to give you the best conversions, and the best and fastest way to make sales.

Budgeting your business online does not mean you sign up for every email that comes into your inbox with the best way to generate leads. Make sure you opportunity has the resources needed for you to plug in to their methods that they have already tried and tested to be effective. Your time will be needed when generating these leads and should be exhausted on money making activities, not seeing if something works.

Your opportunity should have an office that has all the training on how to generate prospects while budgeting your business online. The stats should be clearly stated of visits to leads, leads to purchase, and purchases to members. That is what is called conversions. If you know this method and what it takes to get to those conversions, how could you not be generating the leads you need to take your business to the next level?

There are so many ways to run your business budgeting online. There are opportunities online that show you exactly how to do this and have proven results. Some of the free to low cost marketing methods are classifieds, videos, press releases, blogging, social sites, and so on and so on. I’ll just name a few. So many top earners in this business have started out using these same methods until they created a snow ball affect, and that’s when you can jump into marketing methods that you can leverage money for time.

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Why Register a Business Online?

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All businesses must be registered with the government in order to make it legal. Illegal business ventures do not have annual tax and its employees will most likely encounter problems with health benefits or social insurance because their illegal employer cannot enter transactions with the government. It is therefore compulsory to make owners register their businesses, either through manual registration (getting an application form, filling it, then mailing the form to the business registration office address) or through online application (which makes people fill up forms online and send it via e-mail). Of the two, online transactions are processed faster. The reply for online application is also released in less time compared to having it mailed conventionally. That said, more people do register a business online.

There are obvious benefits of having a business registered. First is that business people do not have to deal with being in conflict with the law. Businesses are complicated enough for criminal liabilities to add up to the load.

Also, if business people register a business, they will know if another business entity uses the same name as theirs. This is important because having a similarly named business entity might confuse prospective clients when they come in contact with the other business with the same name. When a business person registers his business name, no other business will be able to use the same name while the original business is currently operational in the market. That way, businesses can be assured that they have the right to exclusivity of the business name.

And if it is registered, that it will be issued a social insurance number which can be used by employees when filling out government documents when availing of health benefits and employee assistance services. If a business is registered, it will be under the regulatory powers of the government and the business will be subjected to workplace safety assessment and health and sanitation evaluation.

To register it online, all that a person or the owner must do is to log on to the registration office website, download the registration application form, and fill out the application form and send it to the office’s e-mail address. It is important to remember that the owner must register his business in a state under the jurisdiction of the registration office he approached. Visa, MasterCard, and American Express are the types of credit cards accepted in paying for the business registration process.

Besides getting fast business registration results, online business registration is also a secure way of applying for government accreditation of a business. The privacy of pertinent information about the business owner such as his credit card number and e-mail address will be kept secure by the company. All transactions are kept confidential. What is more, when businessmen register a business online, satisfaction is guaranteed. All transactions with clients are given 100% assurance that the service is sufficient or else they will refund the money paid via credit card through its money-back guarantee.

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Negotiating With Style

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We all know the golden rule … Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Dr. Tony Alessandra in his new book, The Platinum Rule (1996 Warner Books) says there is a better way … Do unto others as they want to be done unto”.

How does this relate to negotiation? Quite simply we negotiate with people or groups of people. As the personality styles of our counterparts vary, so must we vary our approaches to different people. We can review the wonderful information in Dr. Alessandra┬╣s book and then make some decisions as to our particular approach with particular personalities.

Different people observe, interpret, and act on information differently.

Here is a short summary of the four styles that Dr. Alessandra discusses in his book:

  • Directors
  • Socializer’s – Are “people” people. PR directors, sales people, actors and speakers. Appreciation and recognition are what the socializer seeks. Time spent schmoozing is time well spent.
  • Relaters
  • Thinkers

How each style tends to operate and how to negotiate with each is critical to the overall success in our negotiations. Directors like to take action … to accept challenges … to achieve and accomplish … fear being “soft”. The best way to negotiate with a director is to offer him or her a selection of several potential alternatives and a deadline. Let them choose. They will feel “in charge” and if you’re careful in designing the potential alternatives you will get what you want.

The Socializer wants to “shoot the breeze” … have fun … make a favorable impression … speak with an articulate style. They fear being disliked. They want you to be their friend … ask them about themselves … appreciate their wit. If they like you and believe you like them they will do business with you and make you a great deal.

Relaters want tranquility and stability… They desire a stable work environment… They like to sit or stay in one place. They want predictability and reliability in any important transaction. They do not like surprises, changes, or modifications without advance notice. To successfully negotiate with the relater we need to emphasize our trustworthiness and the predictable, reliable nature of the transaction. Following the step by step process to predictable reliable results works the best here.

Thinkers are fact-oriented and take pride on being meticulous. They want to know how things work and want time to analyze and organize tasks. Their work is high quality, although sometimes they take longer than we would like for them to take. They can be perceived as over critical and sometimes insensitive. Their biggest fear is being wrong. They would rather not make a decision than to make a poor or incorrect (irrational) decision.

Negotiating is a person to person process.

Have fun the next time you negotiate by observing carefully the personality style cues exhibited by your counterparts.

Being sensitive to personality orientation can really increase our successes, reduce friction, and lead us to better agreements.

Try it … You’ll be negotiating with style!


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For Sale By Owner – Learning and Employing the Craft of Negotiations

May 23 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

A successful conclusion of the sale of your FSBO listing will be much more likely if you are one of those people who has mastered the fine art of negotiation. This is not normal in the American culture, since most people in this country can communicate with friends, family and co-workers, but are not skilled in the same way that foreigners are. Mastering the skills needed to successfully conclude a property sale should be practiced so that they become automatic.

A key factor in doing a successful negotiation is attitude. Remember that courtesy and respect toward the customer will probably result in the same attitude toward you. The potential buyer should never be viewed as an enemy that must be argued into submission. Communication works both ways and is a critical part of the negotiation process. One of the ways in which you must protect yourself, though, is to make sure that you do not spend a lot of time negotiating with someone who doesn’t have the financial resources to meet your asking price. Remember, too, that a buyer may have their own viewpoint about your choice of carpet color. Don’t allow yourself to be insulted or become angry at such comments. Color choices are rarely a good bargaining chip for a buyer to use to attempt to reduce the asking price.

Arriving at a price agreeable to both buyer and seller is the crux of the negotiation process. The buyer may offer a price that is lower than the asking price with the knowledge that a similar house in the same neighborhood sold for a lower price. The home owner may point out that the FSBO property under discussion has a brand new roof and has had an automatic sprinkler system installed to make lawn and garden care simpler. In either case, negotiations between the buyer and seller can continue with offers and counter offers until both parties are satisfied. The ability to determine the basis of the other parties terms is the key to good negotiation techniques. Certainly, there is value to each in identifying the non negotiable factors for both the buyer and the seller. Good negotiating means understanding and allowing for those things that are must haves on each side.

FSBO negotiations on the issue of a price reduction when there is a significant repair in question can be tricky. For example, if a buyer reduces the price offered by an amount equal to the cost of a new roof, but the seller believes that the roof is in good condition, good negotiation techniques might have the seller offer to reduce the price by a certain amount if the buyer pays for an outside inspection of the area in question and it is found to be less than satisfactory. Communication between buyer and seller during the negotiation process will allow such issues to be addressed in a courteous manner and agreement can usually be reached between the two parties.

Finally, the successful negotiator for FSBO property will recognize the importance of flexibility in the amount of the asking price and the terms of sale. If you receive an offer from a qualified buyer for $2000 less than your asking price, you should consider whether you are prepared to hold out for a higher offer which may or may not occur. Even if the higher bid is received, it may take weeks or even months of marketing the property. Only the individual circumstances can tell the seller which is the necessary course of action.

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